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cylinder head repairs, testing, refacing, skimming, valve guides, valve seats, grinding, seats
snapped belt valve damage, timing belts, water pumps, cylinder heads, repairs, testing, refacing, skimmingCYLINDER HEAD TEST, SKIM, AND REPAIRS
The majority of cylinder heads today are made of alloy, and as such, once removed from the vehicle they will invariably warp out of shape which then causes compression and coolant related issues if refitted without first having the head tested for internal cracks and then skimmed flat. If the head was removed due to oil burning issues or a broken timing belt, then there could be damage which needs attention.
We can facilitate the testing and refacing or "skimming" of the head for £70 per head plus return postage where necessary.
We can also facilitate the repair of any repairable damage to the head where necessary, such as new valves, guides, seals, seats, etc...
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